Cliché “Romance”…;-)

Hello there!! Saturday I got my first package from my partnership with Vernisongles.. The delivery was quite fast: it was sent on thursday and I got it on saturday. So now I have some really wonderful things to show you 😀

I decide to start by this little jewel by Cliché: Romance.

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

This nice nail polish is a part of the collection “Rosas”: in this collection you have different shades of pink and red really gorgeous. This one that I’m showing you today it’s a pink fuschia (I don’t even know if I can say this in english lmfao).

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

For the people who never heard about this brand: Cliché is a portuguese brand of nail polishes (my hometown hihihi). They are produced in Portugal and it’s a vegan brand: not tested on animals. It’s a 3free nail polish too. About the quality/price report they’re on the top.

So let’s continue to talk about this nails polish: as I said (and hope that’s correct lol) it’s a pink fuchsia with some violet micro glitter.

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

It’s was really hard to catch all the glitter on camera,but I hope that you can get an small idea of how he looks.

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

To apply it I had no problems and the brush it’s really soft with a perfect size for my nails. We can have a full opacity with only two coats. But it’s a quite jelly nail polish,maybe a third coat will be necessary. I put on two coats and really liked this way.

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

About his lasting I’m on my fourth day and he hasn’t chipped yet. The Cliché’s nail polishes take about 5/6 days before it starts chipping.

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

He’s really gorgeous!! I love this kind of color. I think that he comes out really nice with tone of skin 😀

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

Cliché Romance Vernisongles

This precious nail polish you can find it at Vernisongles store in the small price of 2€. Don’t you forget that with the code “DOLCEVITA” you can get 10% off in all the store from 1€ buy. Such a small price like that,don’t let it pass!!!

Thank you so much and see you rel soon 😉

Versão portuguesa aqui.

Version française ici.


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